Active hull tanked Mackinaw

If youre going to mine in lowsec you need a coveter with stabs, a solid shield tank and ecm drones, call it “bait” and noone will go near you. If they do you can warp off long before your tank is in trouble and even if they bring friends the ecm drones should allow you a decent getaway. If it all goes wrong you have lost a t1 mining barge worth less than 20m (?)

This is how not to do it, we found this guy mining in Onne and offered him a 150M ransom to let him go which he refused since he would just “come back and kill us all in an EOS because he was a 2005 character”.

At one point we actually thought he was going to come back in some ridiculous bling (with friends) and give us some great killmails but then he went quiet.

The killmail was 100M more than we asked for in ransom, why does noone pay ransoms any more?


2 thoughts on “Active hull tanked Mackinaw

  1. Druur Monakh says:

    Too many people taking delight in Suddenly Betrayal! , I think.

  2. Yeah you’re probably right. A few years ago ransoming was a lot easier though..

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