The Shakes!

Here is a fantastic example of what is right and wrong with FW:

I found a condor in a novice in Hevrice so reshipped to a condor myself to make it fair then warped in, he ran as most do. Noticing that the timer had almost run down I convoed him and encouraged him to come fight for his LP. No dice – he sat about and made excuses (I even offered to leave him alone if he won and sell him a ship if he lost). I don’t see the point of being in lowsec if you are unwilling to risk a 10M frigate to have some fun – bit of a wet performance from a bloke called Devils hitman:)

.and now for the good bit, after chasing a thrasher through to Jov I piled into a firetail and breacher in a novice (I was in my kitey condor) this can go one of two ways, you get off the warpin and can start kiting or you get scrammed and die. Guess which one happened. Props for fighting lads and for being cool in local.

I wasn’t having this though – they may both be 2005 characters but I’ve got tusker honour to satisfy here so I reshipped to a brawling tormentor and fired straight back in. I went for the firetail first and got in close with multifrequency which did the job on his shield tank, I even remembered my drones! My tank was holding just about ok but needed a few pulses of the aar, he went down with me in half armour and I got point on the breacher who hadn’t tried to run so these guys were up for the fight. We were both happy brawling at point blank and he had a pretty good active tank so it was a race to hull now. By now I’m long out of nanite for the aar and it is guzzling cap like mad and my guns are on the verge of melting so I have to ease off the overloading and kill the reps. I get him into low armour and the bugger finds some cap from somewhere to rep again so it’s looking close but in the end I find some cap too and the second one pops.

Two – one to Johnny and honour restored. Firetail  Breacher

Lots of good banter in local and a hold full of loot – that is how you are supposed to do FW, those guys had a laugh and got a kill then had a bloody close fight. Afterwards I expect they went back and got the plex too. I had the proper PVP shakes afterwards and that is why I play this game. Props to Demolition and pinball wiz for fighting and giving me a chance to get my loot back:)


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