A good day

“I love it when a plan comes together”

Some days you’re just on fire, I have been trying not to shoot the Stay Frosty guys in system with us because I don’t want to add to the drama going on but actually if you are nice about it then we are all there for fights anyway so I have started to engage them (still don’t want to shoot my mate Rixx though).

First off was this tormentor, in a plex (the other guy on the mail was old damage, it was just the two of us) wiggled out of scram range and had the optimal script in which does for lasers, he got out of point range once but I managed to snag him again before he warped. Had a good laugh in local afterwards.

Then there was this shameful murderage of a newb which Im not that proud of.

I got chatting to a RIFTA guy who was leaving Hev 5, turns out he was unfit so I let him go if he agreed to fit the ship and come back to fight me, he was good enough to do that so I got out my atron and we started at range. Burning in with everything on fire I tried to get to a really close orbit but he kited well and I never got within 6km, luckily I had null in and we did a lot of damage. Both in hull I managed to get close-ish so turned off to get a bit of transversal vs his barrage and it just gave the aar time to get off another rep before he popped. Closest fight in ages and I had the proper pvp shakes afterwards. Limped back to the station with a burnt out ab and flames trailing from the hull (just as it should be). One – nill to Johnny and a really good convo in local.

We kept chatting and he wanted revenge so I picked another ship at random and we went again, Crake had made a bit of a cockup with his ammo though so even at point blank with scorch my tormentor made a big mess of his rifter, props to the RIFTA guys for still flying what are now slightly uncompetetive ships.

Last of all was CIba’s Maulus in a plex, I was in a kiting ship but knew I had to get close as I’d be damped to hell so fired in there with everything overheated and got to a close orbit, the damps were so good that even at 8km I lost lock and had to resort to the desperation of just slamming approach and overheating weapons which is not ideal in an untanked kiter. Luckily he popped first and again we had a good chat after.

Amazingly enough I didn’t loose any ships that day so I’m sure a big expensive loss is coming up, perhaps the Brutix I’ve just fitted up.

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2 thoughts on “A good day

  1. Thanks for the fights and the convo. Always great to fight pilots that are generous enough to impart some of their knowledge on space battle afterwards. Will come again ;)

  2. Pure luck bud:) but that atron fight was sooooo close – you wouldn’t believe how shakey I was afterwards!

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