Top ranked, officially.

Woo and hoo, last night after a particularly fun assualt frig roam with the turn left lads I got into the top 10K ranked on battleclinic. The best bit was engaging a totally obvious bait fit battleship then laughing as hordes of sniggwaffe (never really liked the vibe from those blokes) piled in and got pretty badly mauled, we took out about half their fleet before they bailed and didn’t loose a single ship. Lowsec pirates 1 – Nullsec wannabies 0.

Here’s the battle report

After that we engaged a cruiser gang with logi on a gate but couldnt break their reps, another snigg gang was on grid too and it turned into a sort-of three way fight from which we disengaged. The sniggs weren’t keen to team up with us to drop the cruisers (perhaps due to the previous kicking) so we pushed on home.


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