Accidental kill

I was looking over the various ships in my hangar when I found a T2 fitted suicide catalyst with three mag stabs, damage rigs and two sensor boosters. It had about ten rounds per gun loaded.

I was wondering how much damage it put out and so undocked so I could overheat the guns to find out, out of habit I set the sebos running and had just overloaded the top rack when a seriously unfortunate flashy atron undocked. Almost automatically I targeted him and pre-activated the guns, with two sebos running he was locked before he could warp and melted in two volleys (no point fitted, didn’t need it).

I looked at the dps in fittings after this and it was 661! (turns out I had void loaded) Bloody hell I have a battleship that doesn’t do that much!

Anyway not much in the way of fleets, I’m slowly collecting guys into the channel but am off sailing for a fortnight so not much will get done until next month anyway.


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