WTF is a Fragmonkey?

I had an idea while I was in the bath, a lot of my great ideas come to me there  – for instance plugging up the overflow with corks so I could make the bath much deeper.

Anyway I was thinking about those times when your corpies are offline or somewhere else and you are a bit stuck for mates to gang up with,  I can solo reasonably well but I’m not like most of the Tuskers in being able to take on entire gangs solo and especially as I tend to fly in cheap ships. So I came up with the idea of an in game channel of like minded trigger-happy hooligans who could fleet up together as and when required and hunt with no politics involved.

As of today the Fragmonkeys channel is live, there’s a teamspeak server which is free to use and I will be online and leading fleets around Verge, Minmatar FW and maybe even Stain.

Anyone is welcome to join regardless of experience, skill or allegiance, I just don’t care. The emphasis will be on cheap ships, laughs and explosions – this game is often played far too seriously whereas I am perfectly happy to engage pandemic legion cap fleets with a horde of meta fit thrashers. Our motto is “Humungous dps then GTFO”.

Seeya about,


In-game channel: fragmonkeys


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