What does an 800mm shell look like?

800mm shell


You know those things we mount on minny battleships (the autocannons not the bigger arties) well this is what an 800mm shell looks like next to a Soviet T34 which was a medium tank slightly smaller than a modern MBT. It was developed by the Germans in WW2 and fired from an enormous artillery piece mounted on a specially designed railway carriage.

I stumbled across this today and thought I’d post it up, for reference British tanks (I’m a retired cavalry officer) use calibres from a 30mm rifled cannon to a 120mm smoothbore gun and that T34 in the photo from memory has a main armament around 70-80mm.

Who the hell loads these things into my ship?

O7 show key points


Half an hour of waffle to introduce five facts

I don’t want to take the piss out of the O7 show because its good to see the effort that goes into it and they clearly have a good laugh, plus live TV is not easy, but it does drag on a bit before you get to the useful info.

Basically last nights show boiled down to:

Railgun nerf – ambivalent about this.

Skynet (fighter assist) to go – delighted.

Thinking about removing fighter warping – again ambivalent.

T3 tank nerf – they probably needed this to be fair.

Ishtar sentry damage bonus dropped from 10% per level to 5% – very much needed.

I have used Ishtars both solo and in 10 – 15 man fleets fighting nearly ten times our number. The problem is not just that they are overpowered but that they are so easy to use, I just dump drones and concentrate on manual flying, if they get blapped I drop more, if tackle gets close you abandon sentries and drop warriors before scooping them back and reconnecting to the sentries which project almost perfectly around the grid without any drone travel time and without the drones having to go into web range and therefore being killable.

They are therefore perfect for low skilled blobs, they have projection, dps, alpha, low cycle time, no reloads or ammo – the lot. As much as I used the overpowered tools myself I am happy the sentries are being nerfed but the ship will still be powerful – a gecko group on an Ishtar does easily over 700dps and still will after the patch but importantly those drones will have travel time and need to go close enough to the target for your expensive gecko to get webbed and destroyed which is a fair balance I think.

As a balancing change I think CCP got it about right, the big nullsec blobs however are just planning to use more ishtars to make up for the lower damage..

Best patch ever

ExeFile 2015-02-18 20-39-45-49

Oh god thank you CCP!

Best small fix ever, I get this popup practically every time I undock when I’m trying to reship or have repaired mods and am keen to get back out and continue my space violencing.

“Warning, you are flagged and people may shoot you”

“NO SHIT SHERLOCK, I’M MINUS TEN,  I WANT TO SHOOT THEM TOO!!” clickclickclick argh cmon..

Thanks very much for the tickbox to get rid of it CCP.

Tuskers vs Hounds


Hound of Haides logo

One of our guys is friends with a really active corp who train up newbs and take them into the biggest fights they can find – it sounds pretty fun and I’m definitely going to go for a ride with them one day soon.

A few weeks ago when they found out one of our POSes was being hit they offered to come and help, I was more than happy to accept since all I was going to do was posgun as many of the ishtar blobs’ expensive faction drones as I could and then leave – the tower had paid for itself many times over and we didn’t have any guys on to defend it. Structure shit is not really our thing either.

They turned up in talwars and had a brave go at the ishtar blob but got forced off pretty quickly, regardless of the outcome I liked their style and got chatting to them and it turns out that they have been challenging high profile pvpers to 5v5 competitions just for the practice. Apparently they fought Rooks and Kings and I didn’t ask the result but presume it was pretty one sided.

So Red asked if the Tuskers would be up for doing the same and I said yes of course – anytime. Last night was the showdown and we agreed to fly t1/meta fits to balance things up a bit. We had some last minute rushes to get ammo because I suck at logistics but eventually we had 5 vexors for Hounds and 3 thorax/2 celestis for Tuskers facing off on grid.

3,2,1 Go and good luck.

First blood went to the Hounds as one of the Tuskers celestis went in too close and got hard tackled (this was my fault as I hadn’t made sure the celestis got long range ammo and it only had antimatter loaded). After that it was clear that the shield Tusker fleet could outrange the armour Hounds and so a period of drone killing followed with a lot of kiting and positioning.

It took some time for the t1 rail fit thoraxes to down drones and then slowly start working on the vexors, I cant remember the exact order of things but it was a pretty bloody close battle that went on for 40 minutes with capacitor problems for both sides and mwds on the verge of burnout. At several points I thought the Hounds might win it but some solid piloting from our guys kept them in the game and the final score stood at 5-3 Tuskers which does not reflect how close the fight was.

Everyone was pretty tired by the end but all agreed it was great fun, I have a fraps file (140Gig) of the fight with both teams comms on it and I’ll post it as soon as I can find some software to compress it (can anyone recommend an easy to use free program?).

Many thanks to both teams for turning up and having a good laugh.



They look pretty cool huh?

To be honest pve content and background lore really doesn’t bother me one way or another, my only question is what shinies it will drop to swell my space wallet.

Given the reports of rather decent weaponry and various videos of marauders being alphaed I’m guessing they will have to drop something worthwhile, more on that later but first how do you kill them?

Everyone seems to be moaning because an overpimped carebear chariot cannot dispose of one of these things and that is because they are blinkered morons, I’m sure people will come up with various blingy fits that can tank them fine but if I found one then I’d probably kill it with a fleet of smaller ships. Half a dozen Enyos put out more dps than a marauder, will not be hit once by Battleship sized weapons and when you do inevitably loose one its only 30M, job done.

So what’s in them?

It’ll be the bits to build stargates – you heard it here first..

EDIT: I managed to persuade three guys to have a bash at one in high dps frigs – turns out they track them fine although I’m still sticking to my guns and saying we’d have been ok if we got more webs on:)

Jumpstart academy free-for-all


Last night Veetro Nara and the guys at Jumpstart Academy ran a frigate FFA in Ouelletta, here is the info if you’d like to read about it.

These things are basically a chance for newbs to jump into thousands of pre fitted cheap ships and go nuts at top belt without having to worry about logistics or ISK and they are great fun. This one also had quite a lot of prizes to be won for top kills, best haircut etc. The prevailing opinion amongst most of the low sec community is that you should join in with the cheapo ships to have laugh shooting your mates and not turn up in linked hard counters working as a fleet to farm newbs.

However this is lowsec and there are no rules bar those you can enforce so there are always a few groups of people who turn up in things like flycatchers with links. Yesterday was no exception and we had a couple of small fleets of lml kessies which could alpha most of the free ships pretty quickly. The Jumpstart guys responded by getting most of the decent blokes (and a few inevitable characters from the linked fleet) onto comms and then all going for them.

It started slowly but eventually they came up with the tactic of getting into a plex and then scramming the kessies when they came in which worked not too badly, in the intervening time we all shot at each other and had a blast.

This continued until the highlight of the event which was a carrier undocking and being set upon by the frigs, it was actually as low as about half armour once but the kessies kept coming in and having to be driven off during which time the carrier repped up again, all good fun though.

At this point some geniuses decided to drop a deimos and tengu on grid, I was content to ignore them as they were 200km off but someone decided to go for them and as there were hundreds of wrecks about we just organised the entire fleet to warp to a close wreck and blam, dead deimos and tengu, I chuckled.

The same thing happened very shortly afterwards with a curse and harbinger. Quick tip, if you want to crash a frig fest, HACs, recons and battlecruisers are all remarkably bad choices.

In the end it was getting late and as numbers had dwindled from tiredness and the few inevitable poddings it was decided to save the remaining ships and prizes for another time, and as of me writing this I think the plan is to kick off again at the same place, same time Sat 14th so head down in a cheap pod if you fancy a good laugh.

Big thanks to all the organisers, fitting up 4500 ships is not a job to be envied and a lot of people had a really good time.

Next CSM dudes


Trustworthy mugshot

CSM is not normally something I give a shit about, the big blocs vote en-masse for their particular dude and a few other guys scrape in as far as I can work out.

This honest looking character is apparently throwing his hat into the ring for the next one however and I will be voting for the bugger because he is a bloody (evil) genius.

Trinket’s Friend is the dude who took pity on me as a four day old newb, dragged me into a wormhole and taught me about the soft dark underbelly of the game, I cluelessly followed around a corp called Sudden Buggery blindly shooting everything that moved (and earning multiple medals for taking gate guns in a punisher) got involved in some hilarious can flipping debacles and generally had a blast at the point in the game where standard advice would have you running L1 missions in highsec.

He still does this, taking newbs and spending the time to turn them into murdering bastards, something which I have done too and while it is rewarding it is bloody hard work, it is also absolutely essential to grab a section of the new player base and steer them clear of highsec boredom (and inevitably unsubbing) or the nullsec doughnut which turns them into mindless epsilon minus semi-morons grinding structures for the man.

His writing is well informed and always entertaining, read this and vote for him if you agree.


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