CODE in lowsec. What could go wrong?


You all know about these guys, the highsec warriors who justify what they do with some sort of code of ethics revolving around punishing afk gameplay. In the early days I thought they were a bit of a laugh but from there I feel it descended into needing a pretext for suiciding mining ships.

I don’t have a problem with highsec suiciding and have done it myself, I am open about it just doing it for laughs and profit (the same reason I kill anything anywhere) but to dress it up in the clothes of a righteous cause just seems unnecessary to me.

Anyway, the other day I was scouting about and found a couple of Maelstroms on scan in Citadel lowsec. As any pirate will tell you (with a few exceptions) this is basically a big shiny killmail waiting to happen. I narrowed down the scan and warped in cloaked to find two CODE battleships tackled by a few fast tackle ships – ho ho the sharks are circling and someone got there first. Luckily I happened to be scouting for about two dozen bloodthirsty Aussies out on their regular morning roam and so I convoed one of the tacklers and basically said “hang on lads the cavalry is on the way”.

They were understandably a bit worried about becoming part of the meal I was serving up to team Australia but hung in there and kept them both tackled until we got the Anzacs on grid and swift murder ensued. Boom and boom.

Props to these two for tooling up and coming to lowsec but your overtanked highsec behemoths are practically useless in lowsec (especially without the ability to fly them properly), the sharks will smell you coming a mile off and if we hadn’t got there the guys tackling them would have brought in more dps to finish the job off or pecked them to death slowly.

This got me thinking, the fits we use are vastly different depending on sec status, what works in null is pointless in wormholes and highsec vs low is no different. I was talking to some Brave Newbs recently who were extolling the virtues of their talwar fit that could hit out to 70 odd km and they just came up blank when I asked them how they were going to point stuff in lowsec without bubbles. Adapt and learn dudes.

Sneaky Swedes and grumpy Russians.

imgresHelan Går

Yesterday we were doing the usual stuff and found a stabber at a plex so in we went in a couple of frigs expecting a bloody good fight, turns out Crake Gaterau had spotted the same thing and also fancied his chances and he landed at the same time Svammel and I did.

“Don’t bother shooting Crake mate, I’m sure he will go for the stabber first” were the last words I said before my kiting slicer got scrammed, neuted and webbed by the sneaky Swede. Oh bugger – never mind if I don’t target him he will notice and we can blap the cruiser. Nope, between the stabbers drones and Crake my trusty slicer bit the dust shortly followed by Svammel (another sneaky Swede) who had decided to go for Crake. Then the exceedingly lucky stabber pilot simply had to finish off Crake to complete our failscade, Doh.

Crake hops on comms afterwards for some good natured abuse and explained how he just went for the closest threat not knowing what our intentions were. I don’t blame him but that didn’t stop me making fun of him and using all sorts of treacherous names:)

Now we come to the grumpy Russian, I had been chasing a slicer in my own slicer and he kept running from plexes, normally I get bored of this very quickly unless they start smacktalking in local, then they die – every time.

Yura Amarr > Johnny Twelvebore хахаха свободен как мамонт в полете

Yura Amarr >Johnny Twelvebore noob

At this point I finally catch him and explodificate his slicer

Yura Amarr > жаль дизу не взял

Zloy Gop > ты не правельно пишиш им)

Zloy Gop > надо так

Zloy Gop > [offensive jpeg]

Crake Gaterau > Yura Amarr NoooOOOOOoooOOooo!

Yura Amarr > Johnny Twelvebore slut

Johnny Twelvebore > much love bud

Yura Amarr > Johnny Twelvebore suck

Johnny Twelvebore > kisses

Yura Amarr > Johnny Twelvebore stupid rat

Yura Amarr > Johnny Twelvebore [offensive jpeg]

Johnny Twelvebore > love you too

I really don’t know what the Cyrillic means but doubt it is complementary:)

Ever wanted to pvp like those guys in the videos?



Eve forums are absolutely full of new guys posting along the lines of “oh god I saw this video of some seriously epic dudes fighting outnumbered and winning, how do I do that?”. The short answer is that there is no quick way to become good at anything, and Eve especially is tricky to learn. You need to know about game mechanics, your own capabilities and more importantly the characteristics of around two hundred possible ships that you could be up against and this takes time and practice.

I have always said that the best way to learn this is to find some guys who can teach you, basically a good corp. I have trained up newbs in the past but it is time intensive and tiring although ultimately very rewarding and to put it bluntly there are nowhere near enough pilots both good enough and willing to put the hours in to train all the guys who want to learn.

There must therefore be some sort of self selection to put the keen newbs in touch with the potential trainers and those who are keen enough will find a mentor, at least one of the guys I trained are now better than I am which makes me absolutely delighted since I did a good job. For the next generation of enthusiastic new killers any resource which helps them get in touch with quality pvpers and steers them away from becoming nullsec blobmeisters can only be a good thing.

Quick shout out for a new channel “Microgang help“. This is run by some excellent small gang pvpers and will focus on taking out starry eyed newbs and helping to turn them into cold blooded murdering bastards. I have flown with some of them and I can guarantee you will learn a great deal.

So if you have seen one of the cool pvp vids going about and wondered if you could do that, follow this link and who knows, you could be out terrorising some corner of new eden shortly afterwards. I will be there at some point myself.

Back from the dead.


Crake and Red

If you biomass your character it goes into a corp called “Doomheim” and if you ask CCP nicely they will resurrect him back for you. Two friends did this some months ago in order to concentrate more on work and other things and when you do it all your stuff gets dumped into the corp hangar of the station you were in.

Crake Gaterau and Redberret both did this so I put their stuff to one side in case they decided to come back, and they both have, within a few days of each other which is bloody great news for us as they are both good blokes and seriously lethal pilots. Both should now have their stuff back and I’m looking forward to exploding stuff with them as soon as Red shakes off the rust and works out what’s changed in the last few months.

Welcome back lads.

So much complaining about “trollceptors”


Oh noes, it goes fast

There has been a great deal of whining concerned debate about the new sov changes which mostly revolve around the argument that a speedy ceptor can threaten the established nullsec territories and is “impossible to catch”.

The entosis module as currently planned means you can’t receive reps or warp, so you are basically tackling yourself, in addition if you sacrifice enough slots to make a ceptor lock to 200km then it’s combat viability is essentially zero. If your multi thousand man sov holding entity cannot work out a way to kill or drive off a helpless, tackled frigate with a few thousand ehp then perhaps you don’t deserve that sov in the first place.

As far as I am concerned this is a complete non-issue and boils down to the nullsec way of thinking which is centred around one FC leading a huge blob of F1 bashers. The new system will have running fights in multiple systems requiring several FCs and smaller fleets, there will be many more places to make a mistake (on gates, warpins etc) and so many more opportunities for good pilots to beat bad ones.

This is a very good thing, more people learning to lead, scout and all the other things that make you not bad. Fundamental change will be required to transition from “everyone shoot the TCU” to flag cap mechanics across the whole constellation – adapt or die. Actual pilot skill may yet come to be prized in nullsec instead of just recruiting more sheep than the next guy..

What does an 800mm shell look like?

800mm shell


You know those things we mount on minny battleships (the autocannons not the bigger arties) well this is what an 800mm shell looks like next to (I think) a Soviet T34 which was a medium tank slightly smaller than a modern MBT. It was developed by the Germans in WW2 and fired from an enormous artillery piece mounted on a specially designed railway carriage.

I stumbled across this today and thought I’d post it up, for reference British tanks (I’m a retired cavalry officer) use calibres from a 30mm rifled cannon to a 120mm smoothbore gun and that T34 in the photo from memory has a main armament around 70-80mm.

Who the hell loads these things into my ship?

O7 show key points


Half an hour of waffle to introduce five facts

I don’t want to take the piss out of the O7 show because its good to see the effort that goes into it and they clearly have a good laugh, plus live TV is not easy, but it does drag on a bit before you get to the useful info.

Basically last nights show boiled down to:

Railgun nerf – ambivalent about this.

Skynet (fighter assist) to go – delighted.

Thinking about removing fighter warping – again ambivalent.

T3 tank nerf – they probably needed this to be fair.

Ishtar sentry damage bonus dropped from 10% per level to 5% – very much needed.

I have used Ishtars both solo and in 10 – 15 man fleets fighting nearly ten times our number. The problem is not just that they are overpowered but that they are so easy to use, I just dump drones and concentrate on manual flying, if they get blapped I drop more, if tackle gets close you abandon sentries and drop warriors before scooping them back and reconnecting to the sentries which project almost perfectly around the grid without any drone travel time and without the drones having to go into web range and therefore being killable.

They are therefore perfect for low skilled blobs, they have projection, dps, alpha, low cycle time, no reloads or ammo – the lot. As much as I used the overpowered tools myself I am happy the sentries are being nerfed but the ship will still be powerful – a gecko group on an Ishtar does easily over 700dps and still will after the patch but importantly those drones will have travel time and need to go close enough to the target for your expensive gecko to get webbed and destroyed which is a fair balance I think.

As a balancing change I think CCP got it about right, the big nullsec blobs however are just planning to use more ishtars to make up for the lower damage..


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