Fight club


Don’t ask about the name

So last night was the first of the fight club series organised by Bei and the team, I think it was a big success due in no small part to the fact that the organisation was spot on and the matches came thick and fast. It is no easy job to organise so many pilots in a pretty high stress atmosphere so well done lads.

Johnny and Sons Fencing Specialists are our team comprised of about half Tuskers and half friends. Spax put it all together and everyone has been working their arses off in testing, only two of the team have ever flown in a tournament before but everyone assumes this is a team in the same mould as the pretty damn good Tusker AT team so the pressure was on.

We were fairly happy with our testing (although you always wish you had tried one more thing) and in the first match we had a bit of a hiccup as we boundaried and therefore lost the match just as it was getting going. The guy who flew out was pretty pissed off with himself but the truth is that everyone does that once but usually in practice, he hadn’t had time to make that mistake yet so unfortunately did it in a match. Bummer but never mind, move on and learn from it. The only good point is that you never make that mistake twice..

The second match went very well and was a 5-0 clean sweep so things could have been worse and it’s good to get the derps out early.

Props to all the guys who put in so much hard work.

Command Destroyers


Bifrost love

If you ever played Left for dead 2 you will remember the jockey, a crazy little zombie that jumps on your back and steers you into a huge pile of other zombies while you are incapable of doing much until someone comes and shoots him off you.

This is what a command dessie is, we took a roam out to null last night and included one in our group – it turned out to be completely hilarious. During one evening it jumped station huggers off stations to be murdered and link ships away from POSes. It stopped ships crashing gates and helped us close distance to people at pounces. The thing is absolutely invaluable and I’m sure more uses will be developed as time goes on.

I’m training Warfare link specialist now..

WTS Silver magnate..



So day one of the Amarr champs done and we won both our matches.

Ithica is the guy who applied for the comp and when he got accepted had to go round and find a team having not planned out this bit in advance, I said “ah why not” and so did Jaxley, another Tusker. Bei Artjay who flies for KICK  is the mastermind behind some epic nullsec raids (plus a member of last years Tusker AT team) and had already said yes.

The first one was T1 frigs so we were pretty confident, this being our bread and butter and my ship was the punisher which is the ship I cut my teeth on when I was a newbie pirate so I was well chuffed to be flying it. They brought a very similar setup and we went at them hard (by the way the top damage ammo is BLOODY expensive).

We primaried their ewar and they primaried our logi which went down but then made the mistake of primarying me which turned out to be a mistake, I tanked like a boss, flew my arse off to minimise damage and the balance slowly tipped our way to bring off the win, I think it was 4-1 but not sure.

I got told off for looting the field which is a bit harsh but we are pirates after all – what’s the point of exploding stuff if you don’t steal the goodies?

The captain of the enemy team convoed me to find out my fit to which I gave the standard reply ” you have to kill it” we will be meeting after the competition to give him a chance of doing so.

Round two was against the PL team. We had done precisely zero prep for this having concentrated solely on match one so after the first win we had three hours or so to sort something out. Off to Sisi and grab a few friends to practice and of course there is a PL alt in local watching. We tend not to bother about this stuff, if they want to spy let them and PL are known for being able to bring hard counters due to having good intel. Pirates however are known for being able to fly their arses off when necessary.

As soon as we landed on grid and saw them I said “Arse, that’s a hard counter”. They had watched our practice and come up with a pretty solid counter comp. We went Prophecy, Maller, Arby and Aug so they brought Navy Harb, Maller, Aug and an Arby fitted with smartbombs to deal with the drones from our two drone ships.

“Stick to the plan boys and smash that Harby’s face in” so we went at it hammer and tongs. Somehow the Beam Harb managed to get himself tackled which was mistake number one and the dps ships got under his guns with the help of a few jams on the way in (the commentators couldn’t work out where our jams were coming from and I’m not going to divulge that information here).

Our logi got tackled but the last minute decision to go AB fit really helped, Bei flew a blinder and mitigated damage as best he could while topping up our tanks, I headed over to the maller but the best I could do was nos it and eventually Bei went down but not before we had the Harby into hull. The maller then went for me but I broke tackle and got free as the Harby went down, at this point we basically had it. We smashed the Arby in record time due to the same solid jamming that got us the the previous kill and then went to work on the maller which didn’t last long either. Finishing off the Aug took ages for some reason.

Final result: Lowsec pirates 4, Nullsec giants 1.

Who wants to buy a silver magnate?

New pilot pvp training programme.


For a long time I have wanted to start a newbie pvp training programme, I spent a year training up new guys in my old corp and we had one superb success and a number of very good ones.

I constantly moan about new players looking for the magic bullet to pvp success and harp on about how it is achieved slowly by hard work not by some magic fit or single technique, now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and do something about it.

My intention is to recruit over the next few weeks five to ten keen new players who want to improve at pvp and bring them in alongside Tusker gangs in small numbers to learn how to survive in lowsec and get a foot on the piracy ladder.

The details are yet to be sorted out but if this sounds like you then I want to hear your story, hopefully I will get a few interested parties and here is a list of what I am and am not looking for:

The following are not a factor:

  1. SP, it is irrelevant.

  2. ISK, likewise.

  3. Previous loyalties, I don’t care who you flew with before – you will be one of us for the duration.

What I am looking for:

  1. Enthusiasm and a desire to learn and improve.

  2. Resilience, you are going to make a lot of mistakes (we all did) and you need to pick yourself up and try again.

  3. Independence, we are not going to hold your hand but you will get some solid advice from good pilots (and some completely lethal ones).

  4. Personality, we want easy going guys who are fun to have on comms.

If selected you will:

  1. Firstly get some solid advice on logistics, overview setup and the basics.

  2. Fly in Tusker gangs with us one or two at a time.

  3. If I or others have time we will take you out in 2-5 man gangs.

  4. Learn how to FC from day one.

  5. Hopefully learn a lot and laugh while doing it.

This is going to be a trial run, we may fall flat on our face or be a roaring success but probably somewhere between these two. I would add that my playtime is not great at the moment so for much of the time you will be given ideas and goals to go and achieve on your own, we are not going to babysit you – a big part of this is teaching you how to create your own content.

So if that sounded good then send an ingame mail to Johnny Twelvebore telling me why you think you’d benefit from this and I will contact you to have a chat on comms.

It goes without saying that if you join us your sec status is going to drop quickly, be prepared to give up highsec – it’s shit anyway.

Fly fast,


All this talk about PvE..


EVE is not about carebearing.

There is a lot of talk at the moment about updating PvE and in essence I’m not dead set against it but this is a game about power struggles and uncompromising violence. Some choose to do that through markets and some at the strategic level pushing minions about the map to secure income. I choose to do it alongside two or three well trained friends normally against the odds and for no strategic goals at all, simply for the love of fighting and winning. Tuskers own no sov and hardly any caps but we love the AT, EVE NT series and two of us will be fighting in the Amarr championships.

Every day you will see a new post on reddit or the forums along the lines of “I’m scared to pvp, how do I ensure success?” and every year the game gets more risk averse driving people to ridiculous desperation which manifests in falcon alts, cynos on standby and other nonsense – luckily this is normally easy to spot and we know the regular offenders so can come prepared.

Here’s a secret for all the guys in that position including the eve-uni guy who keeps pestering us for fits convinced that simply flying what we fly will guarantee victory (for the record it won’t, we fly odd stuff). There is no easy way to become good – every one of us with the rare exception of the genius savants who just got it had to go through a baptism of fire. You fight, you lose, you learn, that’s it and in the next fight you are slightly better. Repeat until good, personally I lost a metric fucktonne of ships before I got a single victory but I stuck at it and now am reasonably confident in a scrap.

Shiny mods and expensive hulls coupled with a lack of experience simply fund my loot hangar, to this day I still fly T2 fitted ships and on the very rare occasion I fit a faction mod it is one I have removed from the smoking remains of an enemy.

I’m not sure this is ever likely to happen but the game needs more gung-ho newbs who are prepared to go out and learn, I want a challenge and Tuskers are constantly on the lookout for promising new talent to nurture and help grow into someone who will later bring that rarest of commodities, the fabled good fight.

Public roams are good start but are normally quite large and fall into the “cat-herding” mentality where you learn little about actual flying, for that you need a small group (2-5 is perfect) in cheap ships with reships nearby and just go out and engage stuff, the sense of achievement is huge when you win your first fight but the most important skill is resilience, when you get smacked down just get up and try again.

It is possible to make enough money from pvp to buy more ships to pvp again, very easy at frigate level but harder as you fly more expensive hulls so let’s stop perpetuating the myth that you need a pve alt to fund your fun, it puts off the new guys.

Johnny’s back..


Been away for a bit playing Blood bowl because everyone needs a break once in a while, when the game feels more like a job than a hobby. I am also working my arse off trying to get a boat ready for next year so have a lot less time for internet spaceships. For the record Bloodbowl is a great laugh and we have a Tusker league going at the moment which I am nearly dead bottom of but never mind.

The last few days though I have been back in Eve and enjoying it like the old days, chasing shiny stuff out of sites and harassing the locals, feels good to be back.

We have the Amarr championships coming soon so standby to hear how that went on..

Everyone loves shiny kills


Our new home system is close to Eve Uni’s and we regularly have dust ups. I was sat in a plex yesterday in their system and shouted up in local if anyone would like a 1v1, I have had one before with them and the guy honoured it saying that was their policy.

One guy piped up so I told him what I was in (a comet) and so he brought a daredevil, ah well never mind I’ll give it a go I thought and clobbered him pretty hard, without doing any damage to me he hit the mwd and bailed claiming he had made a mistake.

“Have you got anything less scary” I was asked in local which is a bit rich from the guy who brought a daredevil to a comet but he proposed a merlin fight so I went off and fitted a terrible armour dual web rails version hoping he would bring blasters, he didn’t and I lost.

He proposed one more so thinking T1 frigs was the thing now I went and got a breacher, and just in case he brought something over the top I packed a pill. In warps a succubus. Bloody hell this guy has not much idea of a fair scrap here but ah well, lets go for it (pops pill). We hammered at each other and were pretty equal but I noticed he didn’t have a web and was repping huge chunks so figured it was an oversized repper. If I can outlast his charges I might win this – half way through local pops up with “I don’t suppose you want to spare my ship” which obviously went unanswered and finally with my mods all glowing hot he pops. I am thinking of shiny loot when his buddy in a hookbill warps in so I leave. It was only when I saw the killmail I realised I should just have killed the hookbill too.

I didn’t make a fuss and I’m not going to but claiming you have a corp policy of honouring 1v1s and then not respecting it is very low. He claimed the other guy was “only there for the loot” and then convoed me to pester me for my fit.

To be honest I have no idea if Uni do have such a policy, I know we do but we are very much a minority.

Either way it was a fun fight and I went off and blapped an Enyo in the same ship ten minutes later, while it was dying his mates turned up but luckily so did mine and we rinsed the entire gang.

It’s good being a pirate..