Sleepers in k space, (nearly) invisible stations, what’s it all about?


All this new stuff is quite cool, I don’t understand a damn word of it and am almost completely uninterested but still it is nice to have some new things in the game.

Basically I don’t care about back story – my character is Amarr but I fly all the ships as required and although the new lighting is very pretty (good job CCP) when I am fighting I am always scrolled way out so that my ship is invisible and other ships are red or grey squares.

I am interested in two things:

1. If it is not a player and I blow it up, can I make money from it it in order to buy more ships to explode players with. Having blasted a few of the new lowsec sleepers and salvaged them for only metal scraps I am now completely ignoring them.

2. Will these new changes give me more options and offensive capabilities to use against other capsuleers.

Let’s see what happens, I am reading many of the threads written by people who pay much more attention to “lore” than I do and am having a hard time distinguishing facts from tinfoil-hattery.

An idea, the black box flight recorder.

Black box flight recorder

(they are orange, who knew?)

As usual this one came to me in the bath. How about an item which costs almost nothing to make (say one trit) and sits in your cargo hold recording what goes on (your combat log for instance) and here’s the good bit – will always drop when your ship blows up.

Think about it, each one would tell a story of the various owners it had, what happened to them and who then picked it up and flew with it. perhaps you could even tell it what to record, if you didn’t want a record of systems jumped then it could not record that. Imagine a year or so of having these in the game, there would be some permanent record of epic fights, duels, mistakes, and triumphs.

Thinking about it a little more perhaps a similar item could be configured to convey a title, so I can name myself “king of hevrice” or whatever and remain so until someone blows me up and takes my title?

I know nothing about computers so have no idea if this is even possible but wouldn’t it be cool..


Archon down..

- Bei Artjay is an ex-tusker, member of the glorious 2014 AT team, and all round top pirate so when he suggested taking a dozen or so guys in blinged out pirate cruisers to nullsec I jumped at it. Being a cheapskate I took the Interdictor and off we went (although I nearly missed it cos I’m bad and late).

The plan was to bait the various large null entities into dropping us then fight outnumbered to hell, and drop as many as possible before we either went down or zoidberged out (depending on how Bei was feeling).

What happened was initially a big fat nothing, we killed various things on gates to announce our arrival and stir them up a bit, a few frigs, a pilgrim, a gila, and some others I don’t remember but no fleet came looking for us. Hmm, how can we stir up a fight? Someone came up with the idea of heading over to the goon staging system, “there’s hundreds of the buggers there – surely some will fight” so off we went – about 15 guys into a heavily populated sov null system.

Luckily some unfortunate sod in an Archon was on gate so we pointed it and got some stop bubbles ready to engage the rescuers, we waited, and waited, thinking all hell was about to break loose and that we would get a really good scrap as they came to save their mate but nothing arrived and we got bored so we unloaded on the hapless carrier who was reduced to a smouldering wreck pretty quickly.

I took a quick break from my bubble duties to whore on the mail but literally no-one gave a toss that this guy went down, it was a bit anticlimactic really. A few inties and a dram warped into our bubbles and were smoked in seconds but that was it.

By now it was getting late and we were tired so headed home but not without bagging an ishtar on the way.

The last fight was some poor schlub in a Thrasher caught ratting, a few guys wanted to let him go but most were of the opinion he should die and while we were discussing it there was a strange malfunction in my gun triggers that resulted in his ship and pod exploding, can’t explain it.. While we didn’t get the huge fight we wanted it was still a good laugh on comms and a carrier kill is a carrier kill, it’s still good to be a pirate..

Here’s some video of the carrier going down and us being rather confused that no-one turned up:

Bowhead on Sisi

Because I am sad I was playing with the bowhead on sisi, I am trying to work out if they would be good for hauling all my crap around highsec to get to new and interesting places to shoot people.

The fit I tried was EM Ward, Invul and 100mn MWD in the mediums and DC/Bulkheads in the lows with bulkhead rigs.

It aligned off gate in one cycle of the MWD and was not so slow that I wouldn’t bring it into lowsec suitably scouted while the tank came in at 404K EHp with T1 rigs and 448 with T2 (which would be very expensive).


Jury is still out on whether to get one, I think they are going to be gank magnets..

New player pvp help channel


With the big influx of new players from that awesome new promo video, a bunch of very good pvpers had the idea to start a help channel, it’s called “pvp and piracy help”.

At the moment it is chock full of some of the most lethal killers in the game and they are answering questions from keen newbs.

If you have a problem, and if you can find them….



A couple of days ago I made such a bad mistake I had to head off in shame to the local market hub and buy some guys replacement ships, I have never felt so guilty about leading my corpies to their doom before and was pretty annoyed at the time. We are all laughing about it now though.

I spotted a Bhaalgorn on scan and found it at a faction  POS which was being taken down, eager to capitalise on this I got a few guys together and made a plan to melt the shiny battleship and loot the very expensive tower and mods. Ships were assembled and in we went. A hawk on grid died almost immediately and we settled in to kill the Bhaalgorn when suddenly we started taking damage, a lot of damage, more than one Bhaal could do.

At this point it dawned on me suddenly that although the forcefield was down, everything was online and the tower had us pointed with 150km points while the guns were hammering us down.



We lost two ishtars and a worm for one hawk killed and I should have noticed the bloody “online” text next to the mods but the bloodlust was in me and all I saw was shiny loot.

It doesn’t always go well:)

Agony public fleet


If you have ever wanted to try pvp (or are seriously awesome at it and happy do help out) then Agony are running a public roam tomorrow. I had said I’d help publicise it and although I am terribly late here are the details:

Theme of the roam is Dessies Unleashed!

  • Start time (eve time): 21:00
  • Date: November 22nd
  • Staging System: Stacmon P5 M9 Station
  • Low-sec staging for pirate bros: Dastryns P8 M7 Station
  • Ship Types: Shield Destroyers (Long range, Arty, Rail, Light Missile, Beams) (Shield logi is optional, Bursts are welcome!)

For additional information check out the full post on our forum

Hope to see a lot of you there!


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