Agony public fleet


If you have ever wanted to try pvp (or are seriously awesome at it and happy do help out) then Agony are running a public roam tomorrow. I had said I’d help publicise it and although I am terribly late here are the details:

Theme of the roam is Dessies Unleashed!

  • Start time (eve time): 21:00
  • Date: November 22nd
  • Staging System: Stacmon P5 M9 Station
  • Low-sec staging for pirate bros: Dastryns P8 M7 Station
  • Ship Types: Shield Destroyers (Long range, Arty, Rail, Light Missile, Beams) (Shield logi is optional, Bursts are welcome!)

For additional information check out the full post on our forum

Hope to see a lot of you there!

Back to good old fights..


Bosboger is where some of us are based at the moment and I love it, a little bit blobby but nothing we can’t handle and once you know the worst culprits you stay clear or have a plan. Dana and I were mucking about in a torm and breacher last night and spotted an Algos and a Wolf so thought “bugger it – who dares wins”.

Overload all the things and yolo in was the plan – so in we went to find them joined by a rifter and a bomber too, this extra information did not dull our enthusiasm and we got stuck into the Algos as hard as we could. Luckily he went down quite quickly and Dana copped most of the damage, after that we had the bomber tackled but figured he would be doing little damage so dropped the rifter, at this point Dana’s mods are getting a bit hot and the damage is taking its toll so about this stage he went down heroically leaving me to deal with a bomber and wolf. I went for the wolf but he tanked so I quickly sorted out the bomber and then went back to him. After a long drawn out fight with my mods melting the bugger finally drops leaving the score at 4-1 Tuskers.

Best of all I scooped all the loot which more than paid for Dana’s ship, best fight in ages:)

Some small requests from CCP

This is my short list of little things that would improve the game for me, I doubt any of them would take much work so fingers crossed and hope someone at CCP reads this:

  • Personal hangar divisions, corps get them and containers are a pain.
  • When you hit browse on your fittings, make it pop up on the tab for the ship you are sitting in.
  • Chat window settings, at present every time I open one I have to get rid of portraits and then make member list compact, it would be better if we could set a default.
  • Trade window position always comes up in the middle of the screen and its annoying, would be good if it could remember where it was last time.
  • The undock warning when I have aggression happens nearly every time I undock, please add a tick box to suppress it like many other warnings.
  • A shortcut button to start your probes scanning so the mouse can stay with the probes for moving them.
  • Make the arrows for moving probes 3D not 2D (cylindrical) so they can always be clicked on to drag, at present trying to click on them from side on is a very narrow target and tricky.
  • Bigger close window X in top right corner on windows, its small and tricky to find.
  • The cloak active effect on the cloak module is a bit vague esp in some Minmatar systems, can it be made more obvious.

Voice activation live on Sisi


Hopefully due for release with Rhea in December is an opt-in feature called voice control. The actual commands are configurable but as default will be:

“Warpwarpwarpohshit” – warps your pod to the nearest celestial

“Ah crap this is gonna hurt” – overloads your repper and hardeners

“Ouch” – activates repper mod

“Whore on killmail” – ungroups all your guns and targets random nearby ships

“Follow Sulei” – keep at range on your fc allowing you to kite like a pro

“Get the loot quick!” – overloads prop mod and burns for the juiciest wreck

Test it out and see what you think..

I’m not as much of a genius as Bendy..


These little things were what I was after (and some fights) so after scanning a hole through to Delve I luckily landed right next door to three systems of ratters all with ESS loot pinatas. I took an inty and headed to the first one, warped to the ESS and the message spams up in local “Johnny Twelvebore is stealing your shit” or something to that effect. To my great surprise a carrier warps into the bubble and drops Garde 1s.

Holy crap wish I’d brought more ammo goes through my head – I bet I could tank those all day but I got out not wanting to mess up on the first attempt and tried the other systems. Very quickly I had 100M in tags so headed back to the Orca to stash them.

Over the next few days I went back several times and the same thing happened, except that the first system had moved theirs to the middle of an anom and it was therefore guarded by about a billion rats (why they tolerated something which encourages players to shoot them is beyond me).

Crake, Devas and I did a little roaming while we were out there and got a few kills then Crake lost his inty fighting a Navy Omen, Loki and Mach although he pretty heroically got the Nomen.

I bagged a slicer and pod on one of the ESS’s then zoidberged out as the heavy metal arrived but he got his own back the next day with a comet that did the number on my inty. It was close but I hesitated and he won the dps race.

All in all very worthwhile – made about 150M in a few days and lost one inty. I would have stayed longer but I needed my alt to move some stuff in highsec so had to probe the Orca out through a particularly scary route involving outer ring and several jumps through low.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of this one..

Bendy is a genius


Bendy is a genius (and writes very well too) you should read this post.

After reading this a pile of us are now sat in deep sov nullsec waiting for Crake to get back after he objected to the perfectly awesome ship I gave him and decided to jump back to fiddle with the fit. After downtime we are going on a thingy stealing spree. I’ll let you know how it goes…

(Not so) grand theft moongoo


The last week or so has seen me diverted by a little side project – I scanned down some moongoo siphons and decided to see what was in them as I was bored. For those of you who don’t know what these are they are one shot deployables you dump outside a moon mining pos which steal much of the stuff it is mining. Anyone can empty them but the POS guns won’t automatically blow them up.

I was quite happily surprised by what I found and decided to scan a few more in the surrounding systems, with an hours work I had found about ten of them in four contiguous systems and started making a twice daily run round them in a specially fitted hauler. This was netting me about 40M per run for 5 minutes work which doesn’t sound much but it adds up and is no effort. I would very much recommend this to new players and have summarised a few pointers to get you started.

Firstly you have to know the area, dotlan can tell you which moons have the valuable stuff on so put the siphons there for starters. In addition some corps watch their moons closely and will blow your siphon up daily, others will not notice it and it will run for the full 30 days. Trial and error will show you the careless corps so don’t worry if half of your siphons get blown up straight off, concentrate on the others. As long as you don’t put your siphon on a crappy moon, it should pay for itself inside 24 hours anyway.

Find yourself a nice route, ideally a circle away from popular gatecamp places (what is with all the fucking gatecamps these days anyway?) and run it once or twice a day depending on how keen you are.

Fit out a cheap t1 hauler with shield tank, hardeners specific to the guns you encounter, inertia stabs, warp core stabs and agility rigs. My Wreathe warps off gate like a frigate and can tank guns long enough to scoop the goodies.

That’s about it – obviously the owners will eventually notice your siphon at which point I suggest leaving it alone for a week or so then starting again.

The huge advantage to this is that it requires no skills beyond the ability to fly a T1 hauler although it is easier to drop the siphons off in a covops to start with (especially if it has guns) and the payouts are well worth it for newer players. You also get the satisfaction of having stolen stuff from the big alliances who own the moons:)


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